At ACF Consulting we can install ptz cameras and wireless dvr camera systems at your place of business.

PTZ Cameras: What are they?

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PTZ is an acronym for pan, tilt and zoom and describes a type of camera used for monitoring. PTZ cameras allow an operator to move the camera in different directions or zoom in/out to get a better view of what he/she is looking at.

ACF Consulting can install PTZ cameras in your business location to give you extra piece of mind. We use wireless DVR camera systems which offer many benefits over traditional camera systems.

Wireless DVR Camera System Benefits

  • Record for a longer period of time
    • Wireless DVR camera systems don't need tapes to record footage, so you can record for a longer period of time.
  • Can review footage as it's recording
    • With PTZ cameras, you can zoom, tilt and move your camera to see footage as it happens real time.
  • Better quality footage
    • Top of the line equipment means better, clearer images.
  • Can run more than one system
    • With video tape systems, the only way this can be done is to have a separate recorder or a split screen system. This same process can be done easily with wireless systems without having to buy and install lots of extra equipment.
  • Better Security
    • PTZ cameras is powered by a computer that can be password protected making it much harder for an unauthorized user to view the camera footage.

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