Managed Remote Backup-What are the Benefits?

There are several important benefits to using a remote backup service provider.

  • Lower Costs
    • With a remote backup agent, there is no need to buy or replace backup storage equipment
    • Eliminate the need to buy backup tapes
    • Eliminate the use of employee time and effort involved in data backup
  • Peace of Mind
    • By using a remote backup service provider, your data is backed up automatically and reliably
    • Your data is stored in a secure location and is protected using state of the art technology
    • Data encryption ensures that no one can access your data except you
    • Using a remote backup agents let you relax and focus on your business
  • Easy to Recover
    • Should local data loss occur, using a remote backup agent allows you to recover your data easily and quickly
    • Rapid data recovery lets you get back to business in no time
  • Fully Managed Solution
    • Our backup experts review your backup logs daily, ensuring that your backup was successful.
    • In the event there are issues with the backup, our technicians address and resolve these issues to ensure your backup continues running smoothly.
  • Two-Tiered Approach
    • Every night a local backup is performed to a device at your location. This ensures that you have a good backup even if your internet connection is down.
    • In addition, we push your changed data to our datacenter where it is securely stored.
    • Decreased time to get you back up and running as your data can be restored from the local backup with the peace of mind that your data is also located offsite.

Tiered Pricing

Pricing is based on the total amount of compressed storage. Our compression model typically reduces the storage requirements by 50% or more.

Package Compressed Storage Monthly Price
Bronze Up to 10GB $23.43
Silver Up to 25GB $53.42
Gold Up to 50GB $96.80
Platinum Up to 100GB $176.00
Elite Unlimited $1.60 per GB

Pricing current as of January 2010, subject to change.

ACF - The Best Choice for a Managed Remote Backup Service Provider

ACF Consulting is a leading remote service backup provider in the Tampa Bay area. An expert consultant will work with you to ensure that the remote backup service you receive is exactly what your business needs. Contact us to learn more about how using a remote data backup agent will protect your valuable data and save you time, money, and worry!