ACF offers business continuity plans and business continuity management services.

Business Continuity

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Do you have a plan in place in case of a disaster?

We can control almost every aspect of our businesses, but certain things are out of our control. Business continuity ensures that critical business functions will be available to employees or customers in the event that something out of your control actually happens. Does your business have a plan set in case of emergency?

Business Continuity Management from ACF Consulting

We have you covered

When it comes to IT equipment, a business continuity plan is important. A business owner never wants to hear that their equipment is down. Not being able to perform your daily tasks means lost money. ACF can provide you with a business continuity system that allows for little or no downtime. If something happens, you don�t have to worry about "being down".

So how do we do this?

Server virtualization allows this to be possible. Through server virtualization, we can have your business applications running on 2 different �servers�. If one server goes down, the backup server starts up with everything you need to run your business in place. This virtually seamless transition allows for minimal or no downtime, meaning that you can continue to run your business while our technicians diagnose and fix the problem. High availability means higher profits for you.

At ACF, we give you more than just a plan, we offer business continuity management.

This sounds expensive. How much will server virtualization cost me?

The best part about server virtualization is that it actually saves you money. A virtual server uses only one machine and splits it into many virtual servers with independent operating systems. This allows you maximize your hardware investment. No extra equipment has to be purchased, stored or maintained. Virtualization also cuts down on energy consumption, which will help you lower your electric bill. Not only will you have a system in place that keeps your business up and running, but you will be saving money.